I can’t believe it’s been a week


Such a long time since my last post and Imissed my usual Saturday slot for posting my Project 365 pictures. Time for a little update then…


Yummy loaf of bread – hmmm


Monday was our 9 month wedding anniversary – not much I know compared to the lady who sits behind us in church who is about to clock 60 years of matrimony but a very special 9 months none the less – roll on the next 59 years 3 months!


(Look knitting related content at long last!) Yes it’s the first pair of socks of the year – Lorna’s Laces in my favourite River Rapids pattern – they are hugely comfortable and I’m wearing them now. Lorna’s Laces is a very smooth yarn so it is really easy to knit with, it doesn’t split and it very fluffy and warm when knit up – I wish they sold it in the UK !!

Although not stricktly in line with the Socktopia theme it is none the less a pair of socks and certainly counts towards my stashbusting!


IT SNOWED!!!!! Look can you see it? that’s my car under some snow – honestly, I promise, it is really there but it’s quite dark at 7.20 in the morning still.

OK here you go really:

This is the view from just outside our house and you can see a good inch covering of pure powder. I appreciate that in many places in the world this much snow would just be laughed off as nothing but here it’s cool. Sadly I had all of 30seconds to appreciate it as I dashed out the door to work. Interestingly my car and my drvie do not appreciate snow. As you can see from the picture, our house is some way above the road and I had to very gently back out of our steep drive onto the road and then glide gently down the hill to the main road which had actually been gritted (you can just see it to the left of the picture!).

I’m very glad nothing was coming when I got to the main road as I’m not absolutely certain I was stopping until I hit gritted tarmac!


My firm is a patron of The Prince’s Trust and as such we as a firm have to raise a certain amount of money for the Trust over the course of the year. The powers that be decided that we should have a “dress red day” on Friday and in our office we decided to add to that with a coffee and cake sale and a party in the evening. My colleague is on the CSR committee and volunteered me to produce some cakes so on Thursday I hit the supermarket and then I baked:

(Raspberry Marscapone Layer cake from Annie Bell’s Gorgeous Cakes)

and then I baked some more…

( Rhubarb and Ginger Muffins from Williams-Sonoma)

and a little bit more…

(Sour-cream Raspberry Crumb muffins and Orange Flower Madelines (dyed red) both from Williams Sonoma)

Cake shop in my kitchen!

Acutally there were some red fairly cakes with crazy icing as well but they didn’t make the photo-shoot – they were in the oven at the time.


I wore red – this is the sweater I wore all day but is nothing to Pocohontas, the Prince’s Trust Princess, a pair of red fishnets and one of the partners who was first introduced to my new colleague while wearing a pvc ‘fireman’ outfit (think red plastic shorts, braces and a red hat) over his ordinary clothes. Somehow she still plans to return next week!

Hope you all had a good week!

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