Christmas preparations


Are all in full swing in the Knitted Bear’s household. The Christmas knitting is progressing nicely and I am now at the stage where I have a knitted item for everyone on my knitted items list. Whether I finish the current oh so secret project only time will tell but if I can sneak it into my bag for London on Thursday I may have some success in making progress on the trip back.

Having got to that happy state (and I can hear other knitters knashing their teeth) I had some time that I thought I might dedicate to something for myself, or even possibly my Aimee sweater which has been sadly neglected of late. Instead my left brain took over and I started this:

A topic I have been rather quiet on of late is the Knit Mitt Kit Swap and this is the start of the bag. The pattern will be Knitty’s Sweet Suede with my own intarsia design on the front. The whole design is supposed to be sort of sweeping ripples of colour, rather like the lines I doodle and the colours are ones my swap likes so I hope she likes it.

I have also decided on a pattern for the kit – it needs a little adapting and making pretty but it should be good from then on in! I’m really enjoying making the bag so I imagine it will be finished soon.

Our Christmas preparations continue with the arrival of two angels:

They are little beading kits from Beady Bizz which I found at the NEC show. From looking on the web Beady Bizz is based in NZ but she must have a UK stockist I just can’t find who which is a shame as these are very cute, easy to make and I had a great evening making one of them. I think the one on the left is mine and the one on the right is the husband’s but we can’t quite remember!

All is now ready to welcome Mary and Joseph and the donkey on Saturday

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