A Christmas Knitting Story


Once upon a time long long (well not that long) ago there was a knitter:

She had a Daddy and a Mummy:

And a Sister:

One day the Knitter met a handsome man who swept her off her feet. They got married and she wrapped him in yarn to keep him warm (or at least his feet as he continued to resist the idea of a handknit sweater even when all his ordinary sweaters had holes in the elbows)

Then Sister met a man who was quite handsome though obviously for the purposes of the story, not quite as feet-sweeping as the Husband. Sister fell in love with this man and they got engaged:
(that’s an engagedment ring in the middle by the way)
And they all lived happily ever after with toasty warm feet.

The Knitter, having just knit 6 pairs of socks on the trot without a single pair for herself (H got two pairs for Christmas), settled down with a lovely pink, cream, green and blue silk/wool mix to enjoy her Christmas!!

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