The Greek Trip


How is it that this:

Can so quickly turn into this?

Yes, the knitting element of the IK Greek sweater is finit and the whole thing is almost approaching FO status – and a lot of wear because it’s gorgously warm (I tell you this from the experience of being a little cool on Tuesday night and wearing the pinned together front and back over my blouse for the evening!). All that remains is a few feet of I-cord and and encounter with (do-de-do-de do-de-do-de [NB that is a written representation of the Jaws theme, please recreate your own version]:

The crochet hook of doom!! (although note how it co-ordinates nicely with the knitting – you’d never believe it belonged to a lass currently wearing Electra over a deep lilac sweater! My electra that is – which is orange)

The pattern requires a link of single crochet around the neckline to prevent it doing the cunning slouchy stretchy think it’s trying out at the moment which is all well and good but my only experience of crochet is a little practice swatch I made in Florida and then frogged because I wanted the yarn for something else.

Still if I can cope with a day of my whole IT system running on 1/3 normal speed (sense the simmering frustration – half a sleeve of knitting and it still rankles) I can master crochet. I have a hook, I have a book the only problem is lack of guidance about crocheting a single chain onto an existing garment rather than just letting it run free as a sort of cast on edge. I think if I think of it as a combination pick up and knit and cast off at the same time sort of thing I might be OK but if anyone has any ideas let me know – we’ll see how it turns out. In the meantime I’m off to make some I-cord.

In other news I am one of the last 118 sock warriors. Out of 772 that’s not bad going and very surprising – I’m never usually that good at things!

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