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Someone commented recently that this is the time of year when the blogs go rather quiet – at least on the knitting front. People report other activities and occasional updates on knitting projects that perhaps are not moving as fast as they otherwise would do.

This is a result of having people you know and love reading your blogs – people who may perhaps be the happy recepients of some knitting items currently under construction – thus necessitating secrecy as to the current WIP.

Suffice to say that this (and a very busy spell at work) is the reason for my recent silence. The Christmas knitting is now going well AND I now have this to show:

After a somewhat hazy start and a restart on the lace panel I seem to have found the groove for this sweater and it is coming along nicely. Not quite as fast as the Greek sweater but with good progress nonetheless. It is supposed to be my NaNoSweMo sweater but as this is the back and this is all I have done I think I may be a little optimistic! We’ll just have to see.

Now that I’ve absorbed the pattern it is an easier knit on the brain and so more tempting as end of the day relaxing knitting!

Meanwhile being me I am of course eyeing up the next project! I’ve written a lace pattern fro a scarf which I could do and I have the yarn for another sweater from the Vintage Style book so either of those are possible. I’m also eyeing up some of the designs from Knitting Nature which I think are really lovely so anything’s possible – particularly now Rowan have brought out Wool DK which comes in loads of really nice colours!

Happy knitting one and all

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  • Lolly 20/11/2006 at 1:47 pm

    Pretty! This sweater is also on my list – I bought a nice blue yarn for it. I look forward to seeing more progress. It is so pretty 😉

  • Anonymous 21/11/2006 at 9:51 pm

    kmks buddy dropping in to say HI there…