RIP Assasin Carie


Yes, the end has come

In the shape of the GORGEOUS Knitpicks Elegance Wild Rose (it’s baby alpaca and silk!). I have no idea how well it will stand up to sock wear but it’s o cozy I don’t care so thank you everyone that knitted on them and although I don’t have an exact record they’ve been doing the rounds a bit and finally killed me from Leicestershire. Is it ironic that I’ve been involved in an international game of assasins only to be assasinated by someone who lives within an hour of me and could probably have hand delivered the socks should she have felt inclined?!


In other news I have no new pictures of my new sweater because it still hasn’t been blocked and because I’m still wearing it most evenings (and at the moment). Perhaps the only down side to the sweater is that it is really very warm so I cease to require heating etc which as lovely husband has so far declined a sweater he actually requires at present – hee hee! Actually I think the poor man may be a touch cold as he keeps asking when he gets another pair of socks!

The NaNoSweMo sweater is progressing slowly but as it currently has an extra needles stuck in the point that I need to frog back to I think it can stay photo-less for a little bit! Perhaps later. There are still other things on the needles as always but they are staying secret for the moment so I can tell you all about last week’s workshop instead.

It was a Rowan workshop but organised through Web of Wool in Leamington and it was great fun. We started by trying a few sample swatches to get the hang of two handed knitting and stranding comme ca:

And then feeling a little braver we started on a little fairisle and intarsia bag which I promise will eventually look a little bigger than this!

I learnt some really useful techniques (including a way of weaving in ends I wish I’d known when I did Smoulder) and the people were great fun to spend a day with – all in all a fantastic day!

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