A productive weekend


But first the news:

A report has reached me of the sad demise of Assasin Karen. She fell at the feet of a pair of pinky red wooly socks which FINALLY made it to the US! I am now waiting for the next pair of socks to knit to reach me before I too join the list of the warm-footed! I expect there’s at least another two weeks left in me given world postal services! I feel very lucky to have lasted this long in the game especially as I haven’t really done anything – I’m the sock wars equivalent of hiding in the cupboard under the stairs!

Anyway this weekend has been put to good use. First we have these:

So very Stepford but they taste gorgeous and I was feeling in a very kitch mood! The round one is a vanilla cupcake and the square (ish) is a French Fancy. Were I a french pattiserie chef I would be fired for poor presentation but happily I’m not.

Then this afternoon we had this:

And now we have this:

I don’t have any buttons yet so it looks a bit strange because of being held together with pins but I love it – it is surprisingly warm and really comfy and I really enjoyed knitting it. The ends I could do without and the seams take ages because you have to be so precise to make the stripes match but with the benefit of hindsight and half a glass of wine it is all worth it.

Buttons on Tuesday and then it counts as an official finished object.

Now where did I put those cakes…..

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