UFOs – or are they – and USOs


The start of September always makes me feel very autumnal in a sort of back to school way – see what all those years buried in an educational establishment do to you.

In this vein I have been reviewing the list of UFOs I made in May and creating my list of UFOs and USOs (un-started objects – yep cracking English there!) for September.

The round up:

Carolina – colour leaked all over hands – pattern abandonned – yarn returned to stash and now intended for Rowan Vintage Style’s Aimee

Baby Cardigan – finished in July and sent to baby Pearl shortly after her arrival into this world – hurrah!

Jaywalkers – wearing them as I type – need I say more

More socks– the sad sock got frogged (and the yarn is still wrapped round the back of my study chair to straighten out), the port and starboard socks were made and the cotton socks attempted.

Smoulder – so far so good – slight hitch with the yarn

IK trellis scarf – current WIP

That actually includes all of my current UFOs apart from a secret project for my lovely husband

The USO list is a bit longer:

Greek Jumper from IK
Rowan Joy
Rowan Aimee – both from Vintage Style
Fruit Salad – all from Classic Summer
A short sleeved cardi from Classic Alpaca
Two tops from Debbie Bliss pure silk
Serious designs on the Simple Knitted Bodice

It’s going to be a busy autumn!

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