The Socks of DOOM!!!


And here they are:

Assasin KillingmeSockly, tremble in your unshod feet – these are in the post!! I started on Friday night and finished on Sunday and they were posted lunchtime today.

Fortunately for my target she lives a long way away. A very long way away. In fact between her and Birmingham central post office lies Wales, a rather large pond, a few seagulls and a couple of fields on the other side.

I estimate that the parcel will take at least a week to get to Illinois. Plus then it will be another week for her unfinished socks to get to me, unless she has already launched her weapon in which case it could be even longer. That gives my assasin at least 2 weeks to get cracking – perhaps I’m the doomed one:

Out flew the web and floated wide
The needles knit from side to side

“The curse has come upon me” cried
the Lady without a sock (with apologies to Tennyson I think!)

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  • jdknits 26/09/2006 at 6:36 pm


    I’m your assassin’s assassin. I’m on the way to killing her but haven’t received her mailing address yet (and we’re both on the same continent), so you may yet have a reprieve….

  • Karen 27/09/2006 at 2:09 pm

    Eeeek – my doom! But, I love the pinkish orange color, so I have to confess I am not too sad to die in this manner. I mailed my target’s socks, they should reach her by Thursday, so I did not go down without a fight!
    Dare I say thanks for the cute socks! I will let you know when they arrive to sort out what will happen next.