I think everyone else has already discovered these but I have to confess to a serious addiction to Podcasts. Brenda Dane’s Cast On is a great favourite with many people but I have four particular favourites to share.

The first is Pointy Sticks by Christine Selleck – I love listening to her stories of her knitting and the songs she plays are just great – plus the Flying Fish Sailors ‘Poke you in the Eye’ theme tune is cracking!

Then my current train listening is Heather Ordover’s Craft Lit which is usually a little bit of what Heather has been up to and a big chunk of the lit in question – which at present is Pride and Prejudice, always a favourite of mine and so lovely to have it read. Heather used to teach English so she always introduces the new chapters with a bit of litcrit on the previous week. Sadly I am catching up far too fast – what will I do when I finish catching up and there’s only one episode a week! CraftLit is also available through ITunes which helps with the downloading!

Another podcast on ITunes is Lime and Violet – these girls just make me giggle


on a train full of grumpy commuters

Seriously an achievement!

And finally another girl who makes me laugh, Manda of Knit Psychos

Go and check them all out!

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