Up-down up-down


We have finally reached the final official month of Project Spectrum (although Lolly has some great plans for a finish eveything up month). August is for the browns, creams, blacks, whites and neutrals.

Now that I have a free weekend in August I needed to address my crafting item for the month. And, dear reader, as you have already guessed, this means that I have had to eat my frog and tackle that remaining curtain.

The curtain said: “I shall be made. In full. Before the end of August. Definitely before the in laws (or anyone else for that matter) comes to visit”

And lo the Carie obeyed. And yea verily the curtain was made this afternoon and hung with all great pomp and circumstance (Angels and Cherubim were unavailable due to cancelled industrial action relating to tinsel allowances).

And it was good.

And the man and the woman got ready to go out for a friends’s birthday drinks. And as they left the house they noticed that wrath had smote itself upon the curtain rail.

And it was bad.

[Leaving aside the racy narrative style the net result is that the curtain is finished but the curtain pole has pulled off the wall – you couldn’t invent it if you tried].

However, I consider that the curtain, now finished, represents a significant Project Spectrum August project – particularly as my pal’s socks are not cream, brown or any other kind of neutral! (But I have got to the heel flap on the first sock – needles are flying along!)

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