Busy fingers


Ably assisted by Donna’s Knit Kit I have been busy finishing things.

First, courtesy of a horrid commute home yesterday I have finished the purply-blue socks (and it’s not even that far into August!). Picture the increasingly frustrated knitter – irritated because the train was late, sat on the platform manically knitting the toe and then (on the train) realising that the sock could get finished before the train got to the station. I finished the knitting on the train,realised I had no scissors and had to attack the yarn with the car keys so that I could finish off the sock (whilst not accidentally missing the yarn and jabbing the very beautifully presented old lady in the seat next to me with my elbow). Ends were woven in et voila:

The Second Summer of Socks pair is complete. The next pair are for my sock swap pal. I’ve chosen the pattern, and cast on the first sock and I’ve done the cuff so far. I have to admit I did break my self-imposed moratorium on yarn buying but with the lovely husband’s express consent and with good reason. The yarn moratorium is supposed to last until September but these have to be mailed by September and I have also run out of sock yarn apart from some that isn’t dyed yet and the chances of me getting round to that soon are slim!

I’m not going to post any pictures of these socks until they have been sent out as there aren’t that many people in the swap and I don’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise – all I will say is that they are bamboo!

I have also finished the back to Smoulder!

I think I can quite happily say that this is one of my most favourite knits – the colours are gorgeous and it knits up fairly quickly. In the spirit of enchantment I will shortly do the ends before moving on to a front!

And finally, news of two safe arrivals, the first I made and the second I made for.


My project spectrum postcard for Karla (before the two sides were stuck together). I really enjoyed making this butterfly flower card so I’m glad she liked it!

and second – the arrival of a new baby second cousin named Pearl! Hurrah!

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