A Bank Holiday


Hurray – I’m not at work today and it’s a MONDAY! Very few things beat the joy of waking up (at 8.30!!! – 2 1/2 hrs later than usual) and knowing that you don’t have to go to work. Now I love my job – it’s great but having a day off is just something special. The only problem is all the shops are shut so I can’t go stash enhancing! Hmm – problem or benefit?

So instead I have taken the chance to get up to date with the ironing (grr) and do otherwise enjoyable crafty things! This morning I have made my final project spectrum postcard which is now all ready to send – I won’t post a pitcure just yet so as not to spoil the surprise and it was great fun playing with browns and creams – not my usual card making colours at all.

I don’t actually have pictures of anything to post at the moment as Smoulder is still the same colour – I’ve finished the left front and started the right – and my secret summer of socks pal socks are hiding until they reach their recipient.

On that topic my secret e-mail address may have been less secret than I intended – if I’ve been rumbled I’m very sorry and heartily glad the socks have been hiding – you may know whose been making them but you don’t know what they look like so the element of surprise is still there! Yippee

I have also been tidying up my template this morning and I noticed how few items I have on the needles since I had a self imposed moratorium on yarn buying. However, all this is at an end. I have a list a mile long of projects I really want to knit and I probably will work my way through it eventually. The question always is should you buy the yarn now before it is discontinued or should you chance it and hope to find a substitute if you need it. I am going to knit Joy from Rowan Vintage Style which I’ve wanted to knit for a while. The temptation is that Yorkshire Tweed 4ply has been discontinued and Anna has it at a discount. After it kept falling down at knitting last week I realised that it was in fact calling to me so I accepted the inevitable. Unfortunately I need at least 10 balls and there were only 9 – step in the fellow stashers – we have found more than enough to make up any shortfall in the stashes of fellow knitters – I pick up the yarn tomorrow and I’m away!

Hope everyone else had a fun weekend – I’m off knitting in my remodled back garden – more on that later!!

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