Pretty Purples


Today was another scorcher. Therefore according to the madness that is Carie it was a perfect day to do some knitting!

In my defence most of the knitting was done on the train on a business trip and the train had air con. I have now got to the heel turn in my first cable sock and I tried to take a picture to show but the cables don’t come out and the colour went all wonk – I’ll try again in daylight.

The yarn is very pastel purples and blues and I have a tendency to pull it out of the knitting bag and thing oh no I made it too pale, I should have overdyed it more but then I start working on it again and it rather enchants me – it’s so much fun working with varigated yarn on socks watching the different colours come out – hmm must dye more yarn!

Something large and fluttery has just come in the window and as I am particularly bad with big fluttery things I am off to hide

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