Postcards and other wonderful things


First, seeing as Rachel’s postcard has now arrived over the pond I can show you the June postcards (yes I know it was a little late – oops!):

This one is Rachel’s postcard to me and what you can’t see in the picture is that it is ALL fabric – even the back of the card was printed fabric and the front has this lovely blue and yellow pinwheel – I think it’s great – it reminds me of the whirlygigs that you get to put on sandcastles on the beach – I had a serious collection when I was small because I thought they were so great.

And this is my card to Rachel – the butterfly is embroidered and then the fabric mounted on the card – I’m not skilled enough to do a whole fabric card! It’s not a very good piccy unfortunately as there are sparkly bits that don’t really show up – and yes it is another butterfly!

This weekend the knitting time took a bit of a hit as we went to the Motor Show yesterday to see lots of cars. I am not a petrol head by any means and tend to tell the difference between cars by their colours but my lovely husband is a tad keen so off we went.

At 6.30am.

That’s the time we left the house.

I don’t leave that early on a work day!

Neither does he. Such is the power of cars!

Still we got to see the cars and the exhibits before the hordes of people arrived which was good and then we went on into central London and we went to Libertys!

Now I have promised that I will knit more of the yarn from the cupboard before I buy more for any new projects and I have been pretty good. The last yarn I bought was the sock yarn that I hand dyed and I’m knitting up the second variety at present (with one more still to dye). However, no-one said anything about books.

I am therefore the happy owner of Rowan’s Classic Summer and Vintage Style. From the former I like lots of patterns from both books and I’m begining to think I have a bit of a thing for 40s and 50s style – my other Rowan book is Sarah Dallas’ Vintage Knits and even the back of Classic Summer says it is inspired by 40s and 50s style – it’s just elegant and classy – that’s my excuse but somehow I never quite live up to the image!

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