Manic Monday


Well that was going to be the title of my post yesterday but things have just been so crazy round here that it didn’t happen.

Hmm, what has been happening over the last few days:

Well my SIL loved the scarf and thought it was very pretty – mission accomplished!

In my sock knitting I have finished the aqua socks, ta da:

I finished them on a very hot sunny day which is why they are hanging off a chair in my parents-in-law’s front garden and not on my feet! That and my feet were very dirty from wandering round barefoot in the heat!

Although my cunning plan was to move on to the next set of Kool Aid wool, I have been putting off doing the winding …….

So a quick search in the stash revealed so gorgeous DK weight wool in multi reds, oranges and greens. It is Socka wool but I can’t remember the exact sort without the ball band – will post on that topic later!

Anyway these are my first summer of socks socks, or rather sock as only one is finished:

I’m making up the pattern as I go along and it has a sort of swirl to it which you can just about see in this close up. You can also so the gorgeous colours – a strand is three different colours plied together and the strands change colours at different times. These socks are NOT going to be an exactly matching pair but nevermind! I also tried to do a short row heel but it looked odd so I took it out and went back to heel flaps which fit my feet very well. I am trying to try new socky things over this summer – this sock can be writing my own pattern – short row heels can wait for another time!
There is something immensely comforting about these socks both in knitting and wearing them – I can’t decide if it’s the colour or the feel – possibly a bit of both. Certainly when I feel like a bit of comfort clothing there’s nothing to beat a hand knit sock!

Right: must go finish sleeve of baby jacket as baby is due imminently – more soon on that topic!

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