J’adore le weekend


But yet again it has been incredibly busy and I’m sorry to say there are no signs of a finished pair of curtains yet (oops!) (I have managed to cut and sew the lengths for the curtains and the linings though).

On Saturday we went to bid a fond farewell to Rufus who now has a new home:

He’s incredibly cute and bouncy and then suddenly decides that enough is enough and has perfected a “reverse and falling asleep” manouvre comme ca:

Faithful reader I promise you I did not scoop the cat up like that, he was pottering around on my lap and then walked backwards down my arm into the crook of my elbow and 30 seconds later was fast asleep. Remarkable similarities to my darling husband who also falls asleep whenever the mood takes him.

The chaps then decided to go carting and I tried to take pictures of them and failed, nevermind.

I did however finish the soon to be second cousin’s baby jacket sleeve and started to cast on for the hood. Fortunately I have checked dates with the soon to be Great Uncle (aka my darling dad) who informs me that the baby is not due for another two weeks – phew a last minute repreive!

In summer of socks news I proudly present my first pair:

I have called them my port and starboard socks because of the colours and I will post the pattern in a separate post. I’m now started on a cotton pair to be knit up as blueberry waffle pattern in a varigated purple and green pattern – very Project Spectrum.

Finally, I am signed up to the Summer of Socks Sockswap – now all I have to do is decide what pattern to knit for my sock swap!

I love the weekend – but it goes far too quickly!

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  • Tricotine 24/07/2006 at 9:13 pm

    And… J’adore tes chaussettes! LOL

    Isabelle aka Tricotine