It’s a start-stop month


Do you ever have days/weeks/months where you start something and then it has to stop again.

I had so many lovely plans for my summer of socks and project spectrum but they seem to be hitting hitches – I have some gorgeous varigated purple and green cotton that I wanted to make thick cotton socks from so I found a pattern I wanted to do, cast on and then discovered that for my precise size of feet I get varigated pooling – one side of the sock alternates stripes of lime and dark purple and the other green and lilac – and there’s nothing I can do about it – aargh. So the sock is no more and will become a bag I think – anyone know a good pattern for 3 balls of worsted weight cotton?

I have finally got round to winding my other hand dyed skein into balls and it looks less of a bruise in the ball but still fairly pastel. However, despite being desperate to start a sock with it, the wretched yarn has only just told me what pattern it wants to be – it has finally decided that it will be the rib and cable socks from last autumn’s IK – piccies will be posted as soon as there is enought to show!

Meanwhile I’m melting to the keyboard so I’m off to sit in a freezer if at all possible!

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