How to spend an evening


The perfect ingredients for a great evening! Smoulder commences!

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  • sarah somner 29/07/2006 at 11:48 pm

    Hi Carie
    Didn’t know how else to contact you. Thanks SO much for the absolutely beautiful cushion and how clever to knit houses into a dish cloth for me. I am so thrilled with both of them. I also knitted a cushion in denim )the cream one) as my gift so I know just how much knitting there is when you use denim, it does shrink enormously but leaves such a fantastic finish.

    Thanks again, I am just so pleased.
    The only slightly irritating thing about it all is my ongoing nark with the royal mail. How is it that anything you ever gets always arrives on a Saturday morning and unlike other days when parcels arrive at sensible times, on saturdays they invariably turn up at 7.00!! Never fails to amaze me, I think they do it on purpose.

    By the way I like your blog, I’ve never been brave enough to start one.I like the socks, I started a pair once but they seemed to take me FOR EVER so I stopped, I must go back to them, yours look great.

    Take care
    a very grateful Sarah