Finished Things


Hurrah the bambino has not arrived (as far as we know) and the hoodie is now finit!

The girls at knitting worry that now the bambino will have a hoodie it will get hugged by David Cameron. I am fairly confident that Brighton and Hove is a bit too trendy for a tory party leader so we should be safe.

The buttons were chosen by the lovely husband who has a very good taste in buttons and the label on the inside has a funky fish and says machine washable!

Also in the finit pile is the first of the cable socks. The colour can look a little washed out in very bright sunlight or next to very deep colours but it’s one of those colours that you see more of the more you look at it and I’m quite pleased with it for my very first attempt at dyeing.

This piccy shows the cables which aren’t very visible when the sock is not on
And this shows the colour!
Options for the colourway – in true Rowan style are:

  • Blueberry mix (cooked and uncooked)
  • Dusk (with your back to the sun)
  • Cotton Lavender

What do you think?

And now for Smoulder – because I really need a cardi in this heat!

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