A free weekend! (try not to giggle too hard)


So what does a girl do with a weekend in which there are no people to visit, no people coming to visit us and nothing major is planned?

The answer it appears is: try to do everything!

Now anyone who might be going to visit the Stoke Fleming Hort and Sports day and be passing the Church stall please cast your eyes away now:

Seriously, no peeking.

My lovely Ma is running the Church stall this year and among the usual collection of bric-a-brac and cakes and jam she thought it might be rather nice to sell some handmade cards – could I just make her a few?

How many? Oh about 20 might be nice.

So Saturday saw the lovely husband and myself in Hobbeycraft stocking up on all things card related. For any non card makers out there I can confirm that the need to stash is just as strong! In my first batch of 9 we have:

And the second set (taken after dark hence lack of patio furniture in the background!)
And that all adds up to 20. Common theme of butterflies as usual – quelle suprise!

What was quite magic was that the nutty butterfly in our garden actually landed on my finger the other day while I was knitting in the garden. Then it sat on my head for a bit – so cool

Sunday I swallowed my inner demons and I am pleased to say that we now have one patio curtain in the right colour and one still odd green and peach pheasants! Three down, one to go – I wonder if I can count them as something neutral and creative for my August project spectrum?

Finally I did manage a tiddly bit of knitting:

This is the start of Smoulder and it’s beautiful – it’s also grown a bit since that picture!

And to round things off I have just finished making my July postcard for Karla – it’s on its way tomorrow. Now how about a nice bit of work for some peace and quiet!

FYI – the answer to the question what does a chap do with such a weekend appears to be: replaster the bathroom ceiling and copy a Renoir for a pretty picture to put on the wall!

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  • ~A-Lo~ 03/08/2006 at 3:00 pm

    wow your cards are gorgeous! Compared to yours, mine are blahh, mind you i’m just getting started 😉

    Great blog!