Hurrah for June (and oh how I have been busy)


Hurray it is June and time for Project Spectrum’s blue month! Like many Spectrumers (is that a word?!) including the wonderful Lolly blue is definitely a favourite of mine. For example I write this wearing blue Winnie the Pooh Pyjamas! So oh how I am looking forward to this month. I have even been rather industrious so far….. (more on that later)

First I welcome June with this:

This is the sky in Florida when we were on our honeymoon. The lovely husband took the photo because he couldn’t believe how blue it was compared to grey and dreary England!

Now for the knitting. First the FO. These are Mum’s secret birthday knitting revealed in all their glory and modelled by the birthday girl herself. She was very pleased with them and wore them all evening! The yarn is Socka Mexico and it’s just a standard sock pattern – blends nicely with the carpet as well.

In projects on the needles and waiting to hop on the needles I have my lace trellis scarf (Spring IK) which hasn’t made any progress recently (slight sock marathon to get the present finished in time), I’m part was through making a twirly cushion cover for my Rowan exchange (in blue denim) and (possibly to assuage the guilt at not having finished my SIL’s birthday present) I bought two skeins of beautiful turqouise Debbie Bliss silk to make a scarf for her. Now all I need is a pattern.

Now, just for a second, please cast your mind back, it’s February, or perhaps March, or even in stages it’s April, it’s cold, wet and windy and the well wrapped knitted goes out in search of Project Spectrum inspiration. And finds it in the form of sock yarn. Yes my friends, the jaywalkers finally hit the needles:

or rather one did and the other is the little cuff to one side. I’m counting this as a warm up for Summer of Socks (honest!)

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  • Lolly 05/06/2006 at 11:27 pm

    I just adore those blue socks! They look great!

    and that blue sky is perfect – not a cloud for miles 😉