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Creeeeeeeeeeeak (sound of Carie moving)


Gosh. I have remembered why lots of exercise is not a good idea if you have not been training. I ACHE!!

The reason for all this sudden activity was the Milton Keynes hockey festival over this last weekend. Lovely Husband is the tour manager for his club so if the club goes on tour then he goes and where he goes I go. And so it came to pass that Carie spent the weekend camping in Milton Keynes in the most unflattering baby pink tour shirt playing hockey in hugely hot temperatures and getting slightly sunburnt.

I should add that I haven’t played hockey since university and even then I was very very bad but with great enthusiasm and some help from our quite brilliant team mates we won all the games in out first pool and two in the second pool. That was quite enough hockey and none of us were particularly sorry not to get any further.

Today the plumber is coming to move the boiler so we had to take down the kitchen cupboards last night – makes you realise how filthy our house was when we moved in – I’m so glad we’re replacing the kitchen – even the lovely husband (who is not a squeamish man) donned an apron and asked for a J-cloth to hold onto various kitchen units while throwing them out the front door.

All this conspired to mean that apart from a few rounds on the back of the cushion and a little bit of green sock I have done very little knitting and have nothing to show. 🙁

I hope to remedy this today!!