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In which Carie has been productive!


Hurrah for the weekend! I have been rather productive this weekend which surprises me as I spent most of it in the garden sunbathing. To the ordinary man on the street sunbathing and knitting a woollen sock would seem unusal, or even a little odd, but to those of us in the happy community of knitters it’s perfectly normal.

My biggest problems is finishingitis (I also have startingitis but strangely not do-the-boring-bit-in-the-middleitis). So of course when I turn the corner on a sock it feels almost like I’m finished. Cue saturday afternoon and a finished pair of Jaywalkers:

The fact that the wearer’s other items of clothing were a bikini and a sunhat does not detract from the loveliness of the socks. The yarn is Regia and I think I like it better than Opal and Socka although all three knit up pretty well, comme ca:

Anyway that catches me up on Project Spectrum as far as April (at a stretch!).

In a June effort I decided on a little quick stashbusting project, ta da:

I can’t remember very much about the yarn except that it’s Anchor. the DH bought it when he wanted to learn to knit but never got very far with it and he gave me permission to use it for a dishcloth as long as I don’t give it away. As if – can you spot the hidden boat? The pattern is on the Knitting Pattern Central Dishcloth Directory which has loads of great patterns and is where I got my little houses.

In other blue news the twiry cushion is twirling a little bigger than its needle and reinforcements have been summoned.

Now then, this bit was FUN! I had Kool Aid, I had undyed wool. Now I have:

To explain, the one on the left is supposed to be blue and green not just green but I overdyed it with turquoise (all I had left at that point) and it made it all green. I have decreed that it is aqua and therefore a Project Spectrum June qualifier. The other skein that in the picture looks like a giant bruise is purple and blue and much prettier in real life although it still has white patches ( I like them so I’m leaving them).

Conclusions from my wool dying. It is great, I need far more Kool Aid than I had and next time I’m going to try cake decorating colouring rather than Kool Aid as the KA palette is limited and a bit neon. However, I will be creating some seashell type socks with the green, I mean AQUA and the other skein just says Blueberry Waffle socks to me! Now must work out how to wind a ball!

Also for all those concerned I did make the other curtain. And it matched!

Hope you all had a good weekend!