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Sunny Sunny days


Aren’t they just wonderful!

I’m in a haze of summery contentment and a sea of blue only slightly marred by having to go to work each day. Still, nearly the weekend (and how the curtain looms !!).

Yesterday we had our first barbeque of the year comme ca:

It was so nice and relaxing to sit in the garden and knit while the food cooked – must do it again some time – maybe tomorrow!

I also took a picture of the English sky to compare with the Florida sky:

On my camera it comes out a brighter blue than it actually was. In reality the sky was faded cotton blue and just perfect. Later we say a balloon come really low overhead – we think it made it over the hill because we didn’t hear any crash noises!

On the knitting front the twirly cushion cover continues to twirl and the sock continues to Jaywalk. Both went to the park after work today. Lovely husband went for a run and I sat on a rug in the sunshine – it was great.

I also now have a pattern for my silk SIL scarf – seaweed and shells, thank you to Jill and my DH for their votes ( may need more silk though but as the DH said, “buying more yarn, that won’t be a problem will it!)