What type of Knitter are you?


All my posts about unfinished and finished projects, knitting and other, have led me to contemplate the age-old question, what type of knitter (or crafter) am I?

In terms of generalisation there are a number of available categories: a process knitter – more interested in creation than the final article, and perfectly happy never to see the object in question once complete- the knitter/shopper – who sees a finished object, wants to wear it and knits it to be able to wear it – and the knitter whose goal is always the finish – to be able to say that they have done x, y or z.

I rather suspect that I’m most likely to be the process knitter (especially given my ability to neglect things once the interesting stage has finished!). I will often choose projects because I want to try tapestry, canvaswork, lacework, fairisle etc, although it is rarely that I don’t like or wear the finished article (the sad sock being an exception to the rule). The trellis scarf in particular is something chosen as a pretty pattern for which I had the yarn in my stash and I wanted to try some lacework even though frilly scarves are not usually my thing and it may turn into a present to someone.

On the other hand I do keep most of my FOs – I knit for myself and for babies and occasionally socks and hats for other people. However, my other crafts do yield presents for other people so maybe I’m a regular mixture.

Conclusion: Greedy Process Knitter in the stash!

Any thoughts?

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  • Janette 15/05/2006 at 3:35 pm

    I am definitely a process knitter. No doubt about that. I love all of your beautiful projects. I have a beautiful counted cross stitch project tucked away that’s been neglected for years.