Wednesday’s meditations


Well today is my last day off work before I can go back following the interesting honeymoon appendicitis. What have I achieved/learnt in my week and a half at home?

1, My house is designed to be untidy. Particularly my study/craft room. I tried to tidy it up and sort out my various stashes (particularly card making supplies) and they are all still just as messy, probably because I have been using them.
2, I am definitely a process person rather than an FO person. I confirmed this yesterday by making two batches of brownies and some homemade custard creams just to see if I could. Although they do taste very nice and the custard creams were a special treat for my lovely husband as he eats them at work.
3, I do enjoy my job, particularly having company and stimulation. The craft productivity I suspect is a result of needing a bit of a challenge and I have enjoyed working on all my projects but it has been a little lonely. Hence the vast numbers of posts over the last few days.
4, I don’t want to go back to work because it means I won’t see my husband as much (I have a longer commute).
5, Plumbing is harder than it looks (don’t ask!)

On a crafty note I have spent the last day making birthday cards – for my Mum and my Brother-in-law (both on the same day) and a friend having a party at the weekend.

Mums remains unphotographed ( I forgot to photograph it before I wrapped it and anyway she reads this site) but the others look like this:

So pretty! The one on the right has flowers imbedded in the paper so it is flowery all the way through and the one on the left is a shaker card so the little glitter stars all move around – I hope they like them!

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