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As I am housebound and unable to do anything useful at the moment (see post below for details re appendicitis on honeymoon) I have compiled a list of my unfinished (and in some cases unstarted) projects which I will set out in an effort to provoke me into finishing at least some of them.

The Knitting Projects
Rowan Carolina – started the back, colour rubbed off on my hands and needles, yard had to be retruned and has not yet been replaced by me. I have started the sleeve but I’m finding lace knitting a little complicated and I think I’ve got to row 5. May have to frog and restart to make sure. May also have to try another simpler lace project first.

Baby Cardigan – was making relatively good progress just need to keep cracking. Also need to wash one front to see if the pink that came off on my needles and then onto my white knitting will wash out. If not, must re-knit the front. Happily baby clothes are small and the front will take an evening.

Jaywalkers – Yarn, needles etc still at parents house as taken home for pre-wedding nerve calming. In the event I was very busy and not at all nervous so I’m still on the first round, I don’t like using 5 needles in the round (prefer 4), I think it’s got twisted so may KO (knit-over).

More socks – I have some lovely varigated yarn for a pair of socks but I need to learn toe up as I think I should need three balls of DK and in fact I have two. I also have three balls of Sugar and Cream to make cotton socks.

Smoulder – finally got all the yarn together but not yet started. Oh Carie it says, I am so pretty, you will wear me so much so please get your act together and knit me before the summer starts – please pretty please. OK Smoulder cardigan I will try. I have plans to actually do the sample square for this one which may be what is putting me off!

Suffering sock – a long time ago I knitted a long sock from a pattern in simply knitting without anything like enough yarn. The ankle is red and the foot is multicoloured. I don’t like the pattern now I’ve knitted it and the second sock is never going to get make therefore I must frog it and do something useful with the yarn.

Floating plans: I also have intentions to make a cabled jumper from some lovely blue alpaca, a facecloth from the Sugar and Cream, a Lace Scarf from a pattern in Interweave Knits and numerous things from SnB.

The Embroidery Projects

Before my knitting self re-awakened I was (and still am) very keen on cross stitch and interested in other embroidery projects. I have plans for countless cross stitch kits which are sitting in a drawer (a couple of which have been started and put away) and a Christmas Stocking pattern which I saw in a magazine.

I need to make up a cross stich cushion and a tapestry cushion which I did ages ago, finish a goldwork sample from an RSN taster class, finish a canvaswork embroidery piece and if I get really bored I’ve got two ribbon embroidery cards to play with.

The Sewing/Quilting Projects

Aside from making curtains/blinds for every room in this house…… (Lovely Husband has great confidence in my abilities in that I have a book, I have my sewing maching and therefore I will be able to make the curtains – never done it before in my life but they are just big rectangles with curtain tape on top – famous last words!)

I have some beautiful fabric in aqua – wool crepe – which I bought years ago to make a dress. I’m not particularly tempted by the dress pattern I got now so I shall keep my eyes peeled for a dress pattern I do like as this fabric is so lovely.

I also found some red cotton fabric when sorting through my bits and bobs which was originally going to be a pair of trousers (I think in about 1997) and will now be a Vogue skirt I saw a pattern for. Unfortunately the pattern divides at sizes 12/14 and as I’m about a 13 I have no idea which to get… probably the 14 to be on the safe side!

In the quilting I have the fabric and pattern for an Ocean quilt that I want to attempt. I also now have embroidery patterns for 4 “snowmen through the seasons” which I think would look great in a quilt – just have to actually embroider them and then design the quilt, and I’ve promised myself that I will design and make the American cushions with some fabric I got from a trip to New York and Boston last July.

Scrapbook and Cardmaking

I have now made and sent all the thank you cards for our wedding presents (save where I’m waiting for the addresses).

However, my scrapbook from last summer’s holiday needs finishing, I have some little bits to add to our wedding guest book – pressed flowers from my bouquet and the husband’s button hole.

Finally and probably first to be done I get to make another Project Spectrum postcard for a green May! Yippee

The Presents
Not much can be said about these for obvious reasons but suffice to say that my sister-in-law is still due her birthday present from last November (ouch!) and I have plans for my mother’s birthday later this month!

I think that makes a quite shocking total of 26 projects (not counting the curtains). As I reckon I have a good three years’ worth of projects there (at least!!) it should hopefully curtail my stash enrichment at least until the Autumn Rowan magazine arrives!

Happy crafting one and all!

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