Silence…. and another knitalong



Echo ………………….(echo)

What’s that we hear – yes the sound of silence as little Cariemay has gone back to work. Cue sadness from lovely husband who misses the hotel style living he has experienced in the last week and a half, great joy from the boss whose first comment to me was “well you’re a sight for sore eyes!”. Me suspects that the boss has (a) missed me and (b) had to do rather more work than he might have wanted to in the last few weeks.

This notwithstanding he has saved lots and lots for me and it is taking quite a lot of effort not to dive straight in at 150 mph which would predicatbly collapse me rather soon. Must pace self, must pace self, must pace self. I did get lots of sympathy from everyone at work and a lovely bunch of flowers and a card from my team to say welcome back or in the boss’ case “Welcome home (thank God)”!

Still to cheer myself up I have entered a little summery knitalong for SOCKS. I read about it on Lolly’s Blog and it’s being run by Zarzuela for the Summer of Socks and it sounds fab with the idea being to knit socks, knit lots of socks and take little socks travelling with you! Hurrah.

Plus a very funky button (see sidebar)!

In other news I spent 30 minutes last night doing one row of the lace trellis scarf. It’s only 59 stitches for heavens sake (although admittedly at some points there were 57, 58 and once 60). I think I’ve picked up all the lost stitches and I’m back to the right number in the right place (phew). My next plan is to put stitch markers in between each pattern repeat (horizontally) so I can see where I’ve made mistakes as I move across the row rather than when I get to the end and have too few or too many stitches. My biggest problem at present is being able to read the pattern in what I’ve knitted but lace is a skill and this is the main reason why I am making the scarf – to practice before reattempting my Rowan Carolina which is a fair bit more complicatedl.

If anyone has any tips please let me know!

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  • Janette 19/05/2006 at 4:08 pm

    What a wonderful feeling to come back to such a warm reception at work. The Summer of Socks sounds like fun! Your card will be finally done this weekend and mailed out on Monday.