I must be back at work…


It really is my only way to justify the blogging silence! Having said that, we are pretty busy at work and at home we have been plumbing the bathroom (by we I of course mean the lovely husband – my role was to provide pints of beer, occasionally hold the spirit level and generally be impressed). It was finished on Monday night and we duly held our opening ceremony (red ribbon on the door handle). Mum and Daddy are coming to visit overnight next week and I’m really glad they will get to see it finished.

I have also been being rather industrious in creating Mum’s birthday pressie. OK so her birthday was Monday but I don’t see her until next week and therefore I have a little extra time! In this vein I went to meet a lovely local knitting group last night – hurrah. I found out about it because Diane reads my blog and tracked me down and it was great fun!

Two slightly surreal moments. The first was walking to be met with the comment “I know you, you just got married and had appendicitis” (Swift conclusion was that this was indeed Diane!) and the second to discover I’d just come home on the train in the same carriage with one of the other girls – we had both been knitting and just not noticed each other! Anyway I had a fab time, the one thing you miss when you stop living with a group of girls is the girlie chatter – lovely husbands just can’t quite replicate it!

The great news from Mum is that she loved her birthday card (which I forgot to take a picture of) it was a ribbon embroidered garden – my first attempt and it does look really pretty – I will have to give it another go some time.

Right, must go be creative (or at least do the washing up!!)

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