And another one….


Really this being at home all the time not able to do anything particularly strenuous is turning out very productive!

In an effort to finish things that are close to finishing anyway and therefore feel happy at my ability to actually finish things I have put in the last bit of work on my goldwork sample from the Stitch 2005 goldwork class. And here it is:

Again not the best of photos as the background material is actually cream and not grey but it shows off the gold quite nicely. The technique is couching and chipping: the couching is laying down the gold thread and sewing it onto the fabric to make the lines and the chipping involves cutting little chips of a gold metal coil thread and using them randomly to cover your chosen shape over the top of a bit of felt – in this case the main leaf is chipped and the five little blobs at the bottom are also chipped.

I really enjoy the RSN classes and I think I should go down to Hampton Court to do a full weekend course or something some time as they are so much fun.

Back in the real world I have been trying to do as much pre-cooking as possible today as my father and our wedding presents arrive (separately) tomorrow. Dad is returning my car and then I’m back to work on Thursday – gosh the last week and a half has gone quickly!

I’ve also added another three projects to the ongoing list – little ones though….. three birthday cards for up and coming birthdays!

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