I came across this meme in the blogosphere and I rather liked it!

7 Things to do before I die
Become a mother (but not just yet)
Learn to crochet
Finish my UFOs – including the curtains (stop laughing, I can hear you!)
Become a partner (I’m a lawyer)
Travel and maybe own a boat
Keep my husband as happy as he is now

7 Things I cannot do
See without my glasses
Cook steak as well as my husband
Operate our lawnmower
Keep basil plants alive
Keep my study tidy

7 Things that attract me to my husband
He loves me
His smile
The little things he does for me
His eyes
His kindness and generosity
He is my soul mate
He married me!

7 Books I love
(now this one is hard – only 7!!)
The Bible
Swallows and Amazons (and the other 12 in the series) Arthur Ransome
Gaudy Night Dorothy L Sayers
I Capture the Castle Dodie Smith
In Pale Batallions Robert Goddard
The Silver Pigs Lindsey Davis (and the rest of the Falco series)
Yes Man Danny Wallace

Eclectic I know but a tough choice from over 800 books that I own and love and re-read a lot. I deliberately excluded knitting books from my choice which would otherwise also feature strongly.

7 Things I say
I love you too
Could you just…
I have a cunning plan
Hello lovely husband

7 Movies I love
Pirates of the Carribean
Top Gun
I Capture the Castle
Calendar Girls
Rebecca (the Charles Dance/Emilia Fox/Diana Rigg version)
The Thomas Crown Affair

7 Ladies to tag
Well cheating a bit on the 7 I tag everyone who reads this. Post a comment if you do it and then I can check out your blog!

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  • Carin 18/05/2006 at 4:36 am

    Hi Carie,

    Thanks for stopping by. Nice work on your Trellis Scarf so far, it’s a beautiful blue you’re using. I haven’t cast on mine yet, hopefully soon. I have to remember to do the purl rows that are right before the k7tog row very loosely to make the cluster stitches less painful, we’ll see how it goes. Good luck with yours!