Project Spectrum Postcard


Well I had a wonderful surprise this morning – my Project Spectrum Postcard arrived! Hurray. I would post a picture but I’m at a friends house and don’t have the camera. Piccies will be posted in due course.

My swap is the very talented Carol at Knitted Kitty and my postcard has a picture of a cow and a picture of Texas as that is where she hails from. My postcard for this month is still a work in progress but I will post a picture AFTER I have sent it to Carol (so as not to spoil the suprise)!

I haven’t made much progress with the knitting recently as the wedding is rapidly approaching and my time is taken up having nightmares about being too fat for my wedding dress! That of course and making sure that my boss can cope with my caseload while I disappear for a couple of weeks – oh well bribery and corruption with wedding cake will follow. Hmm wedding cake …. yummy!

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