Missing in Action


No I have not faded from the face of the earth, nor am I on my honeymoon – yet!

Instead I have had a manically busy couple of weeks rounded off by a day trip to Perth (Scotland not Australia). Lots of late nights and the nights I have been home I’ve just wanted to flop so not much knitting at the moment either.

However, I do have my Project Spectrum picture of the month so here it is:

Having thought that I had surprisingly little in my stash that wasorange and yellow it turns out that I actually have quite a lot. The pinky orange is terracotta Rowan 4ply which I ordered when the place I was trying to get fandango from didn’t have anything else. The yellow and orange are left over from fairisle ducks on a baby cardigan and the multi stripe is for a pair of jaywalkers!

Happy Knitting and Happy Weekend!

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