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The outgoing project spectrum postcard


Now Carol has actually received it I can post some piccies of the postcard!

The front can look like this:

But also like this!

The arch on the front is a glitter shaker with an Easter chicken behind! And the back looks like this:

Roll on next month!

In knitting news I have finished the fiance’s socks (and while he is still my fiance – hee hee not for much longer) but the BF took the camera away over the Easter weekend to visit his family so no piccies for now. Unfortunately the yarn pattern suddenly skipped a bit so the feet on the socks don’t match but nevermind. After the Socka yarn I’m not the biggest fan of Opal as it seemed very splitty, it had a knot in it so I had to start all over again and then the pattern smuged. Full details to follow in due course. I am of course preparing for a big day in the near future so that is taking up more than a little bit of my time. Again I promise pictures after the event!