One Step, Two Step….


In logging on to write this post I have realised that actually I haven’t blogged in a little while which is rather remiss of me. The reason (and perhaps my only excuse) is that I have been very busy at work recently and I have been doing the come home go straight to bed kind of hours whicl culminated in a working day of 17 hours yesterday – ouch and so very sleepy – neither my boss nor I actually made any sense this morning until lunchtime when we seemed to wake up. And then of course we spent the afternoon looking at the SNOW!!!!!!!

You have to excuse my excitement with snow – I didn’t really get snow as a child and I suspect I have made only 2 snowmen in my life (and the second was when I was 24!). My boss think’s it is hilarious and had a bet with a colleague that when he got back from lunch I would be found, nose pressed against the window – the first I knew about it was a voice behind me saying “I knew it!”. Hmm – more work less snow-gazing required by employer I suspect.

Anyway, courtesy of a 2 hour train trip back from London last night, and today’s efforts on the commute, I can reveal the following:


And an alternative view of the two socks:

The checky bits are actually turqoise although they come out as green on my computer.

I am so pleased with them and I am wearing them as I write – it actually took quite a lots of effort not to put them on straight away once I finished them in the train on the way home! I am very proud of the matching as it was a bit hit and miss – a tip to myself for next time – for yes there will be a next time, I feel sock knitting may be a repeat mission – and my (poor) delighted family will end up with socks for Christmas for ever!

The Knitty Gritty

I used most of 2 50g balls of Fortissima Colori Socka Color Socka Mexico in Fiesta (9075) on 2.5mm DPs. The socks are knitted in the round on 64 stitches for my size 8 feet (plus I have chubby ankles). The pattern is top down with a 15 round rib and then stocking stich to web of wool’s pattern – very simple and very nice to use to show off a big repeat pattern.

The question is….. what to do next!

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