February Review


As it is now March and over a month since I started blogging it’s time for a project review:

FOs include Drizzle which I love and wear every day and the recently finished stripy socks (which I’m wearing now).

I have also made good progress on Electra (half finished and still waiting for me to sew in the ends).

The baby jacket has paused while I do exciting things for me – but hey, the baby isn’t due until July. Caroline hasn’t even started but I think I need to finish Electra first.

In terms of projects I want to do – well the list goes on and on…

~Some more socks for the beloved fiance as well as for me. the BF would like some stripy funky ones and I fancy trying a cable pattern or something similar. I will have to investigate some of the free patterns on Knitty.

~I have seen Claipotis a few times on blogs and I think it is lovely and very tempting. I think it’s the way it drapes.

~I also have a hankering to do a project in some lovely Gelfrida yarn that House of Fraser sells but I have yet to find the right pattern – perhaps Claipotis but I need to check the yarn weight of Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb first.

~And finally, with my eyes really far too big for my knitting ability I give you this Is it not just beautiful? I’d better find out what cobweb yarn looks like and give it a whirl…. or maybe not!

Finally I’m very excited about the prospect of my first Rowannette Exchange. I have no idea what I’ll make so I’ll have to get my thinking cap on…

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