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Sundays are great


It’s the weekend and what better to do than curl up in a ball underneath a blanket, knit and watch telly. I am proud to announce that today my achievements are as follows:

1, Made the BF lunch ( fried chicken sandwiches adapting a recipe for fried pork which he said was delicious but wierd as he kept expecting to eat chicken. He thought it was very nice with chicken). For anyone into food; coat chicken in breadcrumbs and parmesan using an egg, mustard and orgegano bind and shallow fry – yummy.

2, Made the BF supper – roast beef and roast potatoes no less. The poor wee man is studying very hard for a new job at the moment and therefore requires his sustenance!

3, Made serious progress on Electra (yay!). Yesterday I cast on (3 times before I remembered how to make the rib work – I know I said my aim was to cast on for the front but I had expected to get further) and did about 15 rows of rib. Today:

As you can see I have now got to the neck divide AND the armhole shaping – the FO banner is in sight but I think there are still a few miles to go – not least the ends that will need bending in (see previous posts on the subject) and working out how to do the sleeve/neckline ribs. I’m thinking of doing at least the arm ribs on DPNs in the round because that would just be like doing socks – I’de just have to make sure I got the round going the right way round! Also must acquire DPNs in correct size.

However, on that note I do have the Olympia show rapidly approaching and I have high hopes that it will yield some nice new needles and possibly some yarn. I also have serious designs on one of those little sheep tape measures if I can track them down!

Anyway, my telly schedule for today is not quite complete, having viewed Poirot, the Bahrain Grand Prix and another Poirot I now have Planet Earth – wow! So ttfn.