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In which Carie rants


If you ever have a day where you think I really shouldn’t have bothered getting up this morning then today was it. My train to work was delayed, I missed the train I was supposed to be catching home and then the one after that was delayed and I duly arrived home in a right old mood to go to Wedding Preparation to discuss resolving conflict!

I took me most of the Wedding Preparation, plus supper and two helpings of ice cream (the dress will have to be let out!) to unwind – gaaaaaaaargh!

I was making very good progress on the BF’s socks – 31 rows thanks to Virgin train delays both ways yesterday as well. Unfotunately I then discovered a dreaded knot in the yarn. While you can get round this in most yarn it has quite a big effect on self striping yarn, particularly if you are then going to have to try to make another sock to match! After a bit of unwinding and considering the matter the 31 rows of sock came off the needles and became a teddy bandana and I cast on again just after the knot.

I know knots sometime happen if the yarn just breaks or for whatever reason but I wish it could be picked up when they are striping the yarn – someone must tie the knot so someone must know it is there – unless it’s all done by magic – the possibilities are endless.

I am 10 rounds into the new sock and it is again knitting up nicely although I think I like the yarn I used for my socks more than the Opal; Opal seems to have little odd fluffy bits in it which I’m not sure I go for – perhaps it is only a result of the yarn break and consequent knot.

I also seem to have pulled a muscle in my wrist so I find it hard to lift anything with my right hand – doh! I bet I did it while I was asleep. A good night’s rest should hopefully sort things out as I miss my knitting therapy at the moment!

Happy Knitting one and all!