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Weekend Progress


And so another weekend draws to a close – I hope you all had fun knitting. I know I did as I can officially announce that this weekend I did NOTHING and it was just great – one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had in ages. I slept a lot, knitted a lot and spent time with the beloved fiance which was fab as I’ve not seen that much of him lately what with my job, his job and his job interviews!

ANYWAY: I have finished the back to the baby jacket I was knitting – so cute and knits up so fast but so completely uninteresting to look at that it does not yet merit a photograph. Actually, my pictures don’t really show the stitch pattern so it’s just a little white blob.

What I have yet to find is my pattern for the ducks jacket which I really do need to look out. My other girl cousin (my Mum’s twin’s daughter) now has a bouncing 2 1/2 year old and when he was new born he got a little blue version of the jacket I’m currently knitting and a cream jacket with a row of ducks round the bottom. Then my housemate’s sister became pregnant and whilst I completely failed to teach Loubie to knit, I did make two duck jackets (one for the baby and one for the baby’s 3 yr old sister). Ergo my baby make is a duck jacket and in moving house I’ve lost the pattern aaaargh!

The other side of the coin is that perhaps I should move on and the Jaeger baby knits book looks very tempting…… (no, bad Carie, no more shopping – at least until Olympia on 24th March and my honeymoon!!)

Anyway, where were we – oh yes – I have been somewhat avoiding the prospect of bending in the ends on Electra but I have now bitten the bullet and the back at least is all woven in. I’m so glad I did it now and not at the end of the project. I present you with the offcuts (kindly modelled by BF’s hand):

The second thought of the weekend (I told you I did nothing) was what to do for Project Spectrum. This month’s colour is red/pink and although I have Carolina in that colour ready to cast on I want to finish Electra first. I also promised BF his socks before mine and his are blue.

So I present to you the snappily titled “Flowers in 3D” from Rowan 38.
Actually it’s flower singular, knitted in Yorkshire Tweed DK in Frolic which I had in my stash and then threaded on some ribbon as a hairband. It was very quick and fun to make up and is slightly let down by the photography – still you get the idea. I did attempt some form of crochet as I felt I could do with learning how but it was an unmitigated disaster and probably not helped by my crochet hook being the free plastic one from Simply Knitting. I found it nye on impossible to knit with their free needles so I imagine the same applies to the crochet hook. I’ll add it to a list of knitting resolutions.

And finally, I have cast on for the BF’s socks. They are my travelling project so progress correlates to Virgin Train’s reliability statistics on the Leamington/Birmingham line!

Hope everyone had fun this weekend!