Wednesday’s Warblings


Or should that be wobblings? My holiday (Monday and Tuesday) was very shortlived and I was back at work today to try to work out what on earth has been going on while I was away. The Great Boss and I have a slight habit of forgetting to tell each other what has been going on while the other has been out until strictly necessary – we may want to work on that.

My sock does not yet have a fellow sock although it does have 13 rounds of rib to match. I was a little concerned about matching the pair and if I ever make a sock again from self patterning yarn I will remember to match the beginning of the yarn before I knit either sock. Despite this, I’ve magically managed to calculate it pretty accurately – there may be half a round more blue on the top of the new sock but certainly not more and that’s close enough for me. If anyone has any tips on pattern matching feel free to share!

The other new addition to my site was by progress bars in the sidebar – very exciting. I found out how to do them thanks to some very helpful comments on the Knitty Coffeshop http://www.knittyboard.com and they’re so exciting.

Other than that I continue to press on with Electra – almost up to the armhole shaping and it is sooo soft and fluffy and snuggly – I promise a piccy soon!

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