That Friday Feeling


This has been quite a week! Very very busy at work on Monday as we have a case which concluded but it was a very intense day and has really wiped me out for the week. However, as my Drizzle scarf is now more than 135cm long it is back into the stripes and I have very high hopes of finishing it tonight. I don’t think it really needs blocking as it’s moss stitch and fairly robust but I might give it a whirl anyway. The finace and I are going to do “the Wedding List Stage One” on Sunday at John Lewis so I will have to see if I can get the buttons to finish it off.

Alternatively I have seen some very nice fish shaped pearl buttons on the net and I’m also planning on going to the Knitting and Stitching Show in March in Olympia so I might just wear it without buttons for a little bit and then add some extras in due course.

Right now I am having yarn cravings. I really want to get the yarn for Carolina from Rowan 39 and I’ve even chosen the colours (in a sort of pinky red) but I still have to finish Drizzle and then I have socks a baby jacket and my Kaffe Fasset stripy cardigan to do. At least one of the three (and possibly two) needs to turn into an FO before I can start Carolina so I must sit on my hands for a bit. Plus the KSH requires a certain amount of budget conservation first!

If anyone is after sock wool I strongly recommend Web of Wool in Leamington who are fab and have a great shop as well as the mail order – just soooooo many varieties of sock yarns!

I must now return to Drizzle – a rather odd name I think but I try to think of Drizzle lemon icing type drizzle rather than half-hearted rain!

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