Sunday Monday Happy Days


I have discovered that not enough time has been spent blogging recently, nor has very much time been spent knitting.

My multicoloured socks were intended to be my pseudo Knitting Olympics project. However, I took a conscious decision on Saturday not to finish them as I am very much enjoying knitting them on the train in the morning/evening. As I have a meeting in London on Wednesday I hope to finish them by then – probably late Wednesday night on the way back home!!

However, a couple of cancelled trains and a slow runner from Birmingham the other night meanthat I have now turned the heel and I’m currently reducing on the instep.

I tried to go to Web of Wool to get another flavour of yarn (both for me and for Beloved Fiance who is rather taken with the idea of my socks) but sadly they were closed – for the second week running so I think they may have gone on holiday – who knows, I shall just have to try again next week.

A little while ago (well actually a week ago) I started on Rowan Electra and I have now reached the halfway point – ta da!

I suspect it will take me another week to bend in the ends!! Other people have mentioned knitting it in the round to save on the ends and if I were ever to do this project again I think I might well try that. Not only would you have half the ends naturally, you would also be able to carry some yarn up where you can’t do it knitting across and back because your yarn is at the wrong end. You can’t see the pattern very well in the big picture so here is a close up:

I am really pleased with it so far and it is so soft and snuggly. My only concern is that it seems a little narrow. However, it is the back and I trust that the decreases on the front are not too severe as to disallow for a girl’s feminine charms! We shall see. Also I need to learn how to block properly as I think this top would benefit from it.

Beloved fiance and I have road tested it for snugglability by using it as a cushion cover and it passed with flying colours!

Writing this makes me realise that I accomplished half this top in a week which it actually quite a lot of time spent knitting even if you do consider I had Monday and Tuesday off work. I think I find knitting very theraputic and therefore very addictive. Beloved Fiance finds the same effect by going to sleep in my lap but sadly this is not very compatible with fairisle knitting!!

Hope everyone else had weekend fun with their knitting. Please do leave a comment on this site if you want – i haven’t really worked out how to use comments properly yet but I shall try to give it a go soon. I did work out how to do sidebars though so anything is possible!

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