St Valentine and Friends


No pictures today I’m afraid as my sock has not progressed sufficiently to merit a piccy.

Today is the day of all things cute, fluffy and red and I was duly presented with none of the above.

My beloved fiance had a job interview after work today and has now gone off to hockey training – hence I have a minute to write this entry before attempting to make heart shaped pizza! I know I’m very soppy at heart!! This morning I was presented with a lovely card addressed “to my fiancee”. I know it kind of gives the game away as to who it is from but I’m very touched – particularly as this is the only Valentine’s day when someone will give me a card that says that – last year I was a girlfriend and next year I will be his wife.

Beloved Fiance’s card said “I love you more than pizza and chocolate”. As these are two of his major food groups he thought that was rather entertaining and it did persuade him to get out of bed almost in time for work!! My valentine’s present was going to be a book token but it didn’t quite get turned into book token form which means that it is either a book token or a contribution towards my yarn fund – I think the latter may be called for, particularly if I can get a copy of Stitch n Bitch from my local library – Electra here we come. I’m very tempted by a blue/ginger/cream combination but Fiance thinks that blue and ginger clash – we shall see who is correct in due course!

My other excitement is that I have booked my day off work for 24th March and booked my tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia plus three workshops. I’m going to two be the RSN – whitework and silk shading, as I really enjoyed their goldwork class last year, and one called off a sheep’s back or something which is about spinning and knitting.

Finally I’m wondering whether or not to set up my own knitting group in Leamington as I can’t seem to find any around here. If anyone is interested then send me a comment and I’ll have a think about it.

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