Mission Accomplished


Well my Friday task duly completed itself at about half midnight (oops!). I have finished Drizzle and will publish picture and specs here shortly. I am very pleased with it and I wore it out today (with freezing temperatures for much of the day) and it was very warm, very snuggly and such a pretty colour. I’m now very keen on the idea of knitting with KSH, yorkshire tweed and felted tweed as it makes such a lovely combination so Electra from Rowan 38 may have to be added to the list – I just have to suss out the colours as in the book it looks very pink which isn’t really me but I saw a picture of it on someone’s site which looks more purply – this point needs investigating!

In the meantime I have started a new creation: is it a plane, is it a game of pick a sticks; is it a leftover chinese takeway? No I have taken the plunge and started knitting a pair of socks in the round on four needles. It’s ready patterned yarn so I don’t have to do anything with it except knit and a very easy pattern, although I’m a little alarmed that I have to go up from 60 stitches to 96 – that seems like a big increase to me but we shall see how they turn out – I do have big feet to balance out my 6′ height – and if they’re too big then I will give them to the fiance who will no doubt love wearing brightly patterned rainbow socks! hmmm

Anyway pictures of the new FO will follow shortly. Technically it’s not quite finished as Drizzle has buttons along the bottom of each edge. As my colourway is all about the sea I quite like the idea of a row of fish buttons so I will wait until I find them!

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