First Blog


Well welcome to the Knitted Bear anyone who might read this. This is my first attempt at a blog and I’m very much learning as I go along.

The idea of this blog, as the title might suggest is to keep a bit of a record of my knitting projects – hopefully plus pictures once I persuade the fiance to teach me how to upload them off the camera.

Currently knitting is experiencing a bit of a ressurgence and, having made a number of baby clothes over the years but avoided big people clothes because they are a bit too quaint I’ve gone back into knitting for me in a big way.

My first finished grown up project was a little blue cardigan which some intensive knitting over the Christmas holiday finished off for me. Christmas present from a friend was Sarah Dallas’ Vintage Knits and the fiance gave me the yarn and new bamboo needles to make the Lace Vest – now a pleasant addition to my wardrobe in bright pink with lilac edging.

Current projects are: Drizzle from Rowan 38 and a little white baby jacket for my cousin whose first baby is due in July. Waiting in the wings is my “froth” free Rowan scarf (in heavenly KSH) and a stripy cardigan (can’t remember the name!)

Final comment and then I will finish for now! The Knitted Bear perhaps requires some explanation. I am neither made of yarn, nor do I look like a bear (at least I hope not!) but I live in Warwickshire (UK) and the county symbol is a bear – hence the blog title!

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