Drizzle – the FO (and a new beginning!)


Well ta da! this is Drizzle – unfortunately on her side as I can’t work out how to make my photos turn through 90. Still nevermind – note to self – take pictures the right way up!

Drizzle from Rowan 38. The main colour is Yorkshire Tweed DK Skip (347) and I used almost the whole 2 balls (the original pattern uses Felted Tweed throughout and there is more yarn in a ball of Felted Tweed), the stripes are Felted Tweed Midnight (133), Arctic (140) and Whisper (141) and it uses KSH Heavenly (592) throughout.

Knitted on 4 and 1/2 mm needles as specified in the pattern. Finished size is supposed to be 15cm by 169 but has turned out 14cm by 179 (ish – tape measure runs out at 150!). Not quite sure how that happenned but I suspect it is something to do with substituting the Felted Tweed for Yorskhire Tweed which is a bit more chunky.

I am very pleased with the FO and it is very warm and snuggly. The colour scheme was supposed to be the sea with the stripes at the ends being ripples and the changing colour of the sea so the final touch will be to acquire a few pearl fish shaped buttons and sew a small row of each to each end! I think that might have to wait for a few months but I will post an update when I have found the buttons!

I’m very taken with the tweed/KSH combination and I’m seriously contemplating Electra (also Rowan 38) which has a fairisle mixture (although not in the purple colourway given on the pattern).

Finally this is a little progress report on my socks – the yarn is Fortissima Colori Socka Color which I got from Web of Wool in Leamington – I think they’re fab for sock wool – they have the most enormous selection (and a free pattern for a very easy sock). This is my first attempt at knitting in the round and so far I’m really enjoying it and the pattern on the socks is coming out very nicely!

I didn’t join the knitting olympics (although I seriously contemplated it) but if I had these would have been my project so maybe I should see how far I can get in 16 days anyway. Hmm -more progress will be reported later!

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