And the UFOs – cue spooky music


This is the start of a baby jacket for my cousin’s first baby – due in July – it’s not very clear from the picture but the pattern is alternating moss stitch, stst, double moss st and more st st and eventually it will have a little hoodie and be button up the front. I started it because I ran out of yarn to keep going on Drizzle (see below)
Drizzle is my latest Rowan UFO – it is from Magazine 38 but I have changed away from the pinky/purple colour scheme and gone for Yorkshire Tweed DK in Skip, with Felted Tweed Whisper, Midnight and Watery for the stripes. The whole thing is knitted with one strand of the main colour and one strand KSH – Heavenly in this case which makes it very snuggly and I can’t wait until it’s finished – particularly as it’s just started raining again!

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