A sock is born!


Apologies for quiet on the western front for a little while – I was hugely occupied recontructing my contender for larget ever sock into something which I could actually wear – and at last: Possibly the largest ever foot to grace this page – my giant size 8 hoof has a delicate and subtle covering! I hasten to add only one foot can be covered at any one time as I have only finished the one sock.

However: (a) I really like it, I’m terribly pleased with it and even woke up the Beloved Fiance to tell him all about it – he thinks it’s very funky too; (b) it’s remarkably easy to knit; and (c) I can knit it on the train to work and back home again which gives me a minimum of an hours knitting on it a day so it just flys along. It is now knitted on 64 stitches and fits like a glove. I will post a picture of the pair as soon as I am able.

In the meantime I had an expedition to John Lewis in Solihull yesterday with Beloved Fiance who was in the mood for spoiling me. So I acquired the yarn I actually needed (1 ball of Ginger felted tweed), AND my yarn for Carolina (in pinky red KSH and KSS) plus some bamboo needles.

Then for contrast we went to see The Darkness at the NEC who were SUPERB!!!! Rock Chick does knitting (perhaps an alternative title to my blog!)

Anyway, today I had the day off work, Miss Marple on video from last night and all the colours I needed to start Electra so here she is:

I’m never particularly good at swatching, I just sort of make it and see what size it turns out – hence the gigantic socks – so this the start of the finished article. It is Rowan Electra (which is a fairisle slipover) originally in bright purple and pink in the magazine (#38) and now in the colours you see before you (Felted Tweed midnight and ginger) (Yorkshire Tweed in Goose) and KSH in Heavenly. It is sooooo soft and is knitting up very well.

That’s all for now – ttfn

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