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February 2006


Sunday Monday Happy Days


I have discovered that not enough time has been spent blogging recently, nor has very much time been spent knitting.

My multicoloured socks were intended to be my pseudo Knitting Olympics project. However, I took a conscious decision on Saturday not to finish them as I am very much enjoying knitting them on the train in the morning/evening. As I have a meeting in London on Wednesday I hope to finish them by then – probably late Wednesday night on the way back home!!

However, a couple of cancelled trains and a slow runner from Birmingham the other night meanthat I have now turned the heel and I’m currently reducing on the instep.

I tried to go to Web of Wool to get another flavour of yarn (both for me and for Beloved Fiance who is rather taken with the idea of my socks) but sadly they were closed – for the second week running so I think they may have gone on holiday – who knows, I shall just have to try again next week.

A little while ago (well actually a week ago) I started on Rowan Electra and I have now reached the halfway point – ta da!

I suspect it will take me another week to bend in the ends!! Other people have mentioned knitting it in the round to save on the ends and if I were ever to do this project again I think I might well try that. Not only would you have half the ends naturally, you would also be able to carry some yarn up where you can’t do it knitting across and back because your yarn is at the wrong end. You can’t see the pattern very well in the big picture so here is a close up:

I am really pleased with it so far and it is so soft and snuggly. My only concern is that it seems a little narrow. However, it is the back and I trust that the decreases on the front are not too severe as to disallow for a girl’s feminine charms! We shall see. Also I need to learn how to block properly as I think this top would benefit from it.

Beloved fiance and I have road tested it for snugglability by using it as a cushion cover and it passed with flying colours!

Writing this makes me realise that I accomplished half this top in a week which it actually quite a lot of time spent knitting even if you do consider I had Monday and Tuesday off work. I think I find knitting very theraputic and therefore very addictive. Beloved Fiance finds the same effect by going to sleep in my lap but sadly this is not very compatible with fairisle knitting!!

Hope everyone else had weekend fun with their knitting. Please do leave a comment on this site if you want – i haven’t really worked out how to use comments properly yet but I shall try to give it a go soon. I did work out how to do sidebars though so anything is possible!


Wednesday’s Warblings


Or should that be wobblings? My holiday (Monday and Tuesday) was very shortlived and I was back at work today to try to work out what on earth has been going on while I was away. The Great Boss and I have a slight habit of forgetting to tell each other what has been going on while the other has been out until strictly necessary – we may want to work on that.

My sock does not yet have a fellow sock although it does have 13 rounds of rib to match. I was a little concerned about matching the pair and if I ever make a sock again from self patterning yarn I will remember to match the beginning of the yarn before I knit either sock. Despite this, I’ve magically managed to calculate it pretty accurately – there may be half a round more blue on the top of the new sock but certainly not more and that’s close enough for me. If anyone has any tips on pattern matching feel free to share!

The other new addition to my site was by progress bars in the sidebar – very exciting. I found out how to do them thanks to some very helpful comments on the Knitty Coffeshop and they’re so exciting.

Other than that I continue to press on with Electra – almost up to the armhole shaping and it is sooo soft and fluffy and snuggly – I promise a piccy soon!


A sock is born!


Apologies for quiet on the western front for a little while – I was hugely occupied recontructing my contender for larget ever sock into something which I could actually wear – and at last: Possibly the largest ever foot to grace this page – my giant size 8 hoof has a delicate and subtle covering! I hasten to add only one foot can be covered at any one time as I have only finished the one sock.

However: (a) I really like it, I’m terribly pleased with it and even woke up the Beloved Fiance to tell him all about it – he thinks it’s very funky too; (b) it’s remarkably easy to knit; and (c) I can knit it on the train to work and back home again which gives me a minimum of an hours knitting on it a day so it just flys along. It is now knitted on 64 stitches and fits like a glove. I will post a picture of the pair as soon as I am able.

In the meantime I had an expedition to John Lewis in Solihull yesterday with Beloved Fiance who was in the mood for spoiling me. So I acquired the yarn I actually needed (1 ball of Ginger felted tweed), AND my yarn for Carolina (in pinky red KSH and KSS) plus some bamboo needles.

Then for contrast we went to see The Darkness at the NEC who were SUPERB!!!! Rock Chick does knitting (perhaps an alternative title to my blog!)

Anyway, today I had the day off work, Miss Marple on video from last night and all the colours I needed to start Electra so here she is:

I’m never particularly good at swatching, I just sort of make it and see what size it turns out – hence the gigantic socks – so this the start of the finished article. It is Rowan Electra (which is a fairisle slipover) originally in bright purple and pink in the magazine (#38) and now in the colours you see before you (Felted Tweed midnight and ginger) (Yorkshire Tweed in Goose) and KSH in Heavenly. It is sooooo soft and is knitting up very well.

That’s all for now – ttfn


Oh woe is my sock


I would post a picture – but it’s just too sad. I have been making cracking progress on my first ever sock, I’ve done 61 rounds and really mastered knitting in the round.

That is until I actually looked at the said item and realised that it is MASSIVE! I believe this to be due to the 96 stitches which I cast on…. yes really, 96.

It is entirely possible that I measured the wrong bit of my foot – oops.

So this evening’s joyful plan involves frogging 61 rows, remeasuring the foot and casting on again. On the plus side, I do really like the pattern………! 🙂


St Valentine and Friends


No pictures today I’m afraid as my sock has not progressed sufficiently to merit a piccy.

Today is the day of all things cute, fluffy and red and I was duly presented with none of the above.

My beloved fiance had a job interview after work today and has now gone off to hockey training – hence I have a minute to write this entry before attempting to make heart shaped pizza! I know I’m very soppy at heart!! This morning I was presented with a lovely card addressed “to my fiancee”. I know it kind of gives the game away as to who it is from but I’m very touched – particularly as this is the only Valentine’s day when someone will give me a card that says that – last year I was a girlfriend and next year I will be his wife.

Beloved Fiance’s card said “I love you more than pizza and chocolate”. As these are two of his major food groups he thought that was rather entertaining and it did persuade him to get out of bed almost in time for work!! My valentine’s present was going to be a book token but it didn’t quite get turned into book token form which means that it is either a book token or a contribution towards my yarn fund – I think the latter may be called for, particularly if I can get a copy of Stitch n Bitch from my local library – Electra here we come. I’m very tempted by a blue/ginger/cream combination but Fiance thinks that blue and ginger clash – we shall see who is correct in due course!

My other excitement is that I have booked my day off work for 24th March and booked my tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia plus three workshops. I’m going to two be the RSN – whitework and silk shading, as I really enjoyed their goldwork class last year, and one called off a sheep’s back or something which is about spinning and knitting.

Finally I’m wondering whether or not to set up my own knitting group in Leamington as I can’t seem to find any around here. If anyone is interested then send me a comment and I’ll have a think about it.